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Bakhoor Al Ajawad  - 180gm INCENSE: Rasasi Distributors UK & EU

Make an entry no one can forget with Bakhoor Al Ajwad. Young and vibrant, all heads will turn your way. 

The vast majority of us wear perfume every day, but no other gesture that is performed as regularly is as rich with meaning .

Rasasi Bukhoor Al Ajwad, (Incense), 185 Gms

Bukhoor Al Ajwad is a  contemperary, reinterpretation of a very floriental fragrance. The opening zesty bergamot, with lusciously tarty spice inflected blueberry conjures happy memories. The scent of a thousand roses aloft sweetened wafting jasmine opens into a  rich creamy, lingering oriental base of precious oudh, cashmere musk and sandalwood, lent a powerful ambry-leathery depth by labdanum.  Ajwad is complex and sophisticated experience of varying and brilliant deluges akin to a journey through varied emotions. 

Top: Bergamot, Blueberry, Cardamom, Saffron

Middle: Heliotrope, Rose, Muguet, Jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, Oudh, Cashmere Musk, Labdanum, Vanilla, Patchouli

Fragrance category:   powerful ambry-leathery depth,  Bergamot, Agarwood

Rasasi Bakhoor Al Ajwad - 180 Grams Perfumes is oriental Exotic Concentrated Perfume incense for Men  and woman . The perfume consists of light and delicate notes, which will fascinate and stimulate the senses.
The olfactory pyramid conveys a sensation in which the top, middle and base notes flow in perfect unison. All the notes in the fragrance flow in perfect harmony and create a feeling of contentment.

+Rasasi Al Halal attar& concentrated non-alcoholic oil or incense perfumes.
+Exclusive perfume and ideal gift for him and her.

Arabian attar perfumes is oriental Exotic concentrated perfume oil Incense for men and woman .
All the notes in the fragrance flow in perfect harmony and create a feeling of contentment.

This exotic oriental Perfume captures the romance and the magic of Arabian deserts. Its floral beginning is based oil agarwood. Arabian perfumes are exotic, oriental, Arabian perfumes. This exotic oriental Perfume captures the romance and the magic of the Arabian sands. The splendour and the floral beginning from exclusive notes based on rose are meant to captivate and energize the wearer. The dry-down mingles the earthiness of musk and amber. 

• Oriental scent of Gulf States: The concept of oriental fragrance can be attributed to the legendary Perfumes of the Orient. Contrary to popular belief, oriental Perfumes are as popular in India, UK, Europe, USA  Canada, Asia Pacific.

Sama Perfumes
Authorised dealers and disrtibutors of Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU
Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we aim to serve the exquisite range of Rasasi perfumes in the region. With a centralised distribution facility, customers can expect a quality service at competitive prices. Rasasi Perfumes enjoy an esteemed reputation in the middle and far east regions and with strong interest from the West, Sama perfumes mission is simply to make available genuine Rasasi products to the UK and EU markets
Being the authorised dealers of Rasasi perfumes, customers can expect original Rasasi products, which means, no copies or imitations.

The aim is to provide a local hub for Rasasi products in the UK and EU region offering customers competitively priced products, service and support. 



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Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors
Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors
Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors