DHANAL OUD ESTETHNAY 45ml (SPRAY) for the 🔹luxury seeking connoisseurs of perfumes

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DHANAL OUD ESTETHNAY 45ml (SPRAY) for the 🔹luxury seeking connoisseurs of perfumes (Unisex)

The new Indian Oud based fragrances- Dhanel Oud Esthatnay . The vintage perfume inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of ancient weaving traditions have been introduced as perfect gifts for your family and friends.

The new offerings bottle the legendary fascination of the Middle Eastern societies with the opulent and coveted Indian Dhanel Oud, creating fragrances that are as exquisitely fine blended as the delicately intricate tapestry hand woven on the bottles. Both the fragrances and the bottle capture the romance of a tradition and mastery transiting through the eons of time- the timeless appeal of a tradition with rich heritage. While the weave inspired by Qing dynasty in the Far East reflects the mastery of the craftsmen, the perfume epitomizes pure scent artistry, an art mastered by Rasasi over the last four decades.  

Being a fine blend of rich exotic ingredients with the highly coveted pure Indian Dhanel Oud as the highlight ingredient, Dhanel Oud Estethnay , have been specially created for the luxury seeking connoisseurs of perfumes with a taste for fine quixotic blends.  

Dhanel Oudh Estethnay, is a classical fragrance that captures the magical opulence of Indian Dhanel Oud at its brilliant best.  The fascinating blend of fruity caramel notes covered with a flowery blanket of Indian rose and orange flower wafting through  fields of vanilla in Madagascar and rich Iranian saffron finally  settling  down to pure rich Indian Agarwood. On the other hand, Dhanal Oudh Nazaha is a dreamy fragrance that has the captivating blend of exotic fruits and orange flowers covered with special notes of jasmine and rose. The scent flows through the woody mood of Indian Sandalwood and Iranian saffron, patchouli, cedar wood and musk before it settles down with pure Indian Agar wood. 

While the strong luxuriant perfume of Estethnay is highly desirable for the lovers of Indian Oud and also makes for a perfect evening wear. It is a perfect day perfume and the best choice for the people who appreciate the brilliance of Indian Dhanel Oud but sparsely use it during the day due to its robust fragrance. The fragrance come adoringly packed in a classy hard wood box with intricate designs. 

 “The introduction of Dhanel Oud Estethnay & Dhanel Oud Nazaha further consolidates Rasasi’s Oud based luxury range. These fragrances have been created after gaining greater insight into the luxury, vintage and opulence seeking consumers who attach great significance to exclusivity,  legacy and heritage.’’ 

If the West is developing an appreciation for oud perfumes, the Middle East is not remaining static either on the strength of their legacy in this field. They too are evolving, and apparently adding gourmand notes to their oud perfumes. This is called a cultural exchange, which goes both ways: oud from the East, caramel from the West.

The flacon packaged in weaved basket-like outer shells have a design inspired by the Qing dynasty.

Dhanel Oudh Estethnay includes notes of fruity caramel, Indian rose, orange flower, vanilla of Madagascar, rich Iranian saffron, pure rich Indian Agarwood.

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Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors
Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors
Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Official Distributors